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LogiSYM – Conference registration, ticketing and customisation

LogiSYM is an annual conference. This website was fully customers from an existing template to keep costs down and included memberships, event ticketing, customised post types for session and speaker information. We do a different design every year. See the 2015 and 2016 sites.

Key features of this site include:

  • Custom post types and ability to link speakers and sessions
  • Ability to update speakers and sessions and have them cross-linked on the site automatically
  • Implemented membership and event ticketing, including ability to sell tickets through the website
  • Mobile friendly

Client: LogiSYM Events
Date: 2015 and 2016

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3 good reasons NOT to hire me to do your website:

  1. You only want a site that looks cool (whether or not it actually sells or generates leads)
  2. You see your website as a short-term project (not a critical part of your marketing)
  3. You want to get your new website at the lowest possible cost
    (rather than an investment in your future - I try and reduce costs, but refer to our blog post as a guide)