Google Hosting Setup

Google domain hosting is great because it saves you on monthly or annual hosting fees, however sometimes users can find it complex to setup their own email and website. Google apps used to be free, however now it starts at $5 per user per month. For updated information, visit the Google Apps pricing page.

If you wish to setup your own Google Hosted domain, please follow this link.


As an alternative, for SG$200, IKARUS Solutions will:

  • Setup your domain with your own domain name, or with a brand new domain at cost (eg. US$10 for a “.com”)
  • Setup your Google Apps email
  • Setup your Google Sites web page (max 3 pages with text, images and links)
  • Provide documentation and half-hour instruction on managing email accounts and web sites on your Google hosted account.

Contact us for more information if you require services beyond those listed above.

Samples of sites that we’ve set up for clients:

(Please note that clients may have since updated or transferred these pages themselves.)

If you have any comments or questions, please email me, or strike up a conversation on Twitter – I’m @ozlady.

3 good reasons NOT to hire me to do your website:

  1. You only want a site that looks cool (whether or not it actually sells or generates leads)
  2. You see your website as a short-term project (not a critical part of your marketing)
  3. You want to get your new website at the lowest possible cost
    (rather than an investment in your future - I try and reduce costs, but refer to our blog post as a guide)